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Auction technology to power your marketplace.

Reach more customers, boost revenue, and simplify processes with a modern approach to B2B auction marketplace.

NovaFori combines marketplace expertise with a sophisticated, highly customisable auction and trading platform to build the B2B marketplace that is right for your business.

Digital auctions provide a measure of convenience.

Bidders can participate in a digital auction from anywhere across the globe, saving time and money for both buyers and sellers, expanding reach and driving better outcomes. We have every aspect of running an auction covered from understanding auction theory, to testing the market, and implementing your ideal trading model to unlock the maximum value for all parties.

Why auction technology?

Our auction technology platforms are supported by a variety of different auction models, facilitating price discovery across a variety of use cases. It can be tailored to your business needs, with capacity for each model to be either deployed individually or in a hybrid set-up.

  • Increase efficiency: Save time and effort through investing in future-proof infrastructure that can scale effectively.
  • Global reach: Conduct multiple and simultaneous online auctions on a global .scale, in multiple languages and currencies.
  • Flexibility: Online auctions allow you greater flexibility when setting bidding windows, the number of available lots and trading rules.
  • Price transparency: Auctions balance supply and demand to bring the right price to the forefront.

Learn why Christie's choose NovaFori to build their online platform

Christie’s selected NovaFori to build highly reliable and scalable auction house software that would permit Christie’s to conduct multiple and simultaneous online auctions of art, antiquities and collectables on a global scale, in multiple languages and currencies.

Working together with NovaFori created opportunities for them to explore a new world of buyers without geographical restrictions. The solution also offered the chance to create a mid-segment market for mid-value auctions, allowing Christie’s to maximise both their offerings and savings.

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