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Auction technology to power your marketplace

Over a decade of experience on building and designing digital auction platform solutions for companies to scale digitally.

We're leading the wave of digital transformation

We’ve seen over $12 billion Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) transacted through our platforms since 2011

Our auction technology platforms offer several auction models that enable price discovery for various use cases

You can customize the technology to suit your business requirements, and each model can be deployed either separately or in combination with others
Our auction platform technology will help your organisation:

  • Increase efficiency: Save time and effort through investing in future-proof infrastructure that can scale effectively.
  • Global reach: Conduct multiple and simultaneous online auctions on a global scale, in multiple languages and currencies.
  • Flexibility: Online auctions allow you greater flexibility when setting bidding windows, the number of available lots and trading rules.
  • Price transparency: Auctions balance supply and demand to bring the right price to the forefront.

Build your perfect auction platform for your business

No two organisations are the same which is why we’ve designed our proprietary platform to be fully customisable.

Our auction and marketplace experts blend analytical rigour and experience to design a mix of trading events and transaction types that generate the optimal conditions for trade.