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Leading enterprise-grade eCcommerce platform

NovaFori marketplace software provides a trusted eCommerce platform that can help you innovate at scale and tap enterprise-wide data to boost profits and customer satisfaction.

Over a decade of experience on building and designing digital platform solutions for companies to scale digitally

NovaFori's flexible, secure and scalable technology powers profitable digital growth in all angles of commerce – from platform model to personalisation using data science to provide a more customised and positive customer experience. Our flexible platform architecture enables you to quickly roll out a customised B2B marketplace that leverages B2C best practices.

What makes our eCommerce platform unique?

Our industry-tested software is built to help you innovate while optimising profitability and your customers’ experience.
NovaFori enterprise eCommerce platform will provides:

  • Flexible UX design: Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. We build solutions that users love. We focus on great design, ease of use and overall frictionless customer experiences.
  • B2C experience: Our platform is flexible, scalable and modular, designed with a B2C user experience and complex product attributes of the B2B world in mind.
  • Cloud-based: Don’t let your solution hold you back when you grow. Our platform allows you to service a large number of customers without compromising performance.
  • Custom integrations: Connectivity is key. We facilitate integrations with clients' existing ecosystems and any necessary third parties.

''NovaFori is an important technology partner, providing expertise on marketplace design and technology. Uniting buyers and sellers on CIX’s world-class platform of trusted carbon credits will drive demand and optimise supply, paving the way for an effective scaling of the voluntary carbon market.''

- Mikkel Larsen, CEO, Climate Impact X