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Growing a profitable B2B digital commerce business

Manage sellers and dynamic product catalogs, monitor quality and performance, and scale your marketplace operations to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction

Drive more sales for less

Our platform provides various auction models that facilitate price discovery across different scenarios. These models are highly adaptable and can be tailored to meet your unique business requirements, whether used individually or in a dynamic hybrid set-up.
What makes our eCommerce marketplace platform unqiue?

  • B2C experience: Our platform is flexible, scalable and modular, designed with a B2C user experience and complex product attributes of the B2B world in mind.
  • Custom integrations: Connectivity is key. We facilitate integrations with clients' existing ecosystems and any necessary third parties.
  • Cloud based: Don’t let your solution hold you back when you grow. Our platform allows you to service a large number of customers without compromising performance.
  • Flexible UI design: Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. We build solutions that users love. We focus on great design, ease of use and overall frictionless customer experiences.

What our clients say?

Find out how NovaFori can help your business-to-business (B2B) company delight customers with consumer-grade buying experiences for complex B2B purchases.


We were looking for a technology partner who could combine an agile approach to delivery, a modern technology stack, and a deep understanding of trading resolution mechanisms. Perfect Channel delivered on all three fronts.

– GDT Director, Eric Hansen

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