Structured Negotiation Technology

Transforming complex negotiations into simple digital processes.
Organisations require digital solutions to execute negotiation processes efficiently, enabling communication and collaboration with vendors safely, securely and more efficiently than manual processes.
Negotiations technology software solution NextGen

Why NovaFori's online RFQ negotiation platform?

Our negotiation / RFQ technology platform allows parties to manage complex negotiations that require agreement over specialised terms and involve multiple rounds.

Discover market value

Increase transparency of demand across multiple parties in one place.

Increase efficiency

Manage multiple rounds of negotiation in compliance with your business rules seamlessly.

Expand your reach

Broaden the network of entities that you are able to transact with.

Why choose NovaFori to design your online RFQ negotiation platform?

Whether you are a seller managing multiple offers, or a procurement function managing multiple suppliers, we help you manage negotiations in real-time on as many product attributes as needed and at scale.

NovaFori Negotiations Table

What makes our platform well-suited to your negotiations process?


Manage negotiations that involve multiple complex attributes beyond just price.

Insights that drive value

Get historical information and actionable insights to improve the quality of the deals, reducing dependency on operators' knowledge.


Perform multi-round negotiations, including counter-offers to land on the best deal for both parties.

Increase visibility

Make better informed trading decisions. Get full access to robust information from a wide range of data sources all in one place.

A solution for your industry

We have deployed our RFQ negotiation technology model across diverse industries to maxisime trade efficiency for our clients.

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