The digital revolution of B2B marketplaces

The insights distilled in this eBook make it a must-read for leaders looking to harness the benefits of digital B2B marketplaces for their organisations.

Statistics show that B2B marketplaces are playing catch up with the B2C sphere. NovaFori’s interviews with more than 30 industry leaders surfaced a range of business challenges; from pricing, to market culture through to sales methodology. digital transformation is offering great opportunities, both internal and external. B2B consumers now expect an Amazon level of service. How far are we from delivering it? And what are the challenges standing in the way?

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How B2B marketplaces are catching up with the B2C sphere by reading on NovaFori’s interviews with key players across the United States and Europe.

Key topics covered:

Marketplace performance check
Pricing & margins
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Market culture
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Sales methodology
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Inward focus
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Customer focus
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