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Rubén Reina, Senior Delivery UX Designer at NovaFori

The application's UX architecture enhances user experience and customer engagement, eventually increasing the number of users and their retention. We interview Rubén Reina, Senior Delivery UX Designer at NovaFori.

Rubén works with multiple types of clients regardless of the nature of their organisation, from cars to carbon off setts, in this capacity to identify and deliver technology-orientated solutions to improve sales, advisory and relationship management processes. Today Rubén brings us some of the key steps to provide optimal UX design expertise to organisations looking to scale up:

Putting concepts into action

It is crucial to keep up with trends and identify those that will come to stay. Rubén focuses on how these trends have been put into action from a digital experience perspective and on the evolution of the delivery of personalisation in the global markets.  

"We are finally seeing some technologies, like machine learning, put into practical use to help drive toward the ultimate goal of hyper-personalisation. This means being able to deliver the right content and the right offer to the right client. The right tools are now available to be effective if you select your partner carefully."

He explained that this all starts with understanding clients and their individual preferences, including in areas such as sustainability, and appreciating how they approach decision-making.

Tailored delivery

Additionally, he observes that regardless of the industry, every organisation is more attuned now to adapt to clients' different preferences. "We now see the car companies, auction houses or other digital organisations appreciating that it is not a one-size-fits-all digital experience and are actually creating new digital channels for potentially new target client groups," he reported. "That's a big evolution from about three years ago."

Mind your behaviour

He added that NovaFori had been working for some years on applying behavioural science. "That is another critical ingredient and facilitates more differentiation amongst marketplaces and digital organisations," he commented. ''Behavioural science can differentiate the business brand and elevate the user experience. Crucial is focusing on how to keep people engaged, deploying gaming and decision theory dynamics into the selling process to enhance the experience."

He also added that we see numerous practical challenges every day in these projects, and simplicity and design are absolutely critical to success.

The simplicity of approach and design

In a world of regulations, when committees design projects – often with compliance teams making things excessively complicated – the design and simplicity can suffer.

"Of course, these businesses and organisations must be compliant, but with the right design and the right use of data – and here the challenge centres on the many different systems that need to be integrated – the right solutions can be achieved," he concluded. "It requires the right approach and mindset throughout."

At NovaFori, we build, develop and design software to help clients understand that their perspective does not always equal the user’s need. It is helpful to examine the real need of those who will bid on or buy the product through the platform. The market success depends on users, not the business. Therefore, the user experience must be a priority to ensure retention.  

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