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The future of digital marketplaces with The Tech Stack

Join Techfellow's discussion with Danielle Downs, as we explore how she and NovaFori, have helped to shape and build revolutionary (and fully-integrated) digital marketplaces across diverse niches.Please find a link to Danielle's profile below here!

NovaFori has been shortlisted for the FT's Tech Champions 2022 series

NovaFori has been shortlisted for the FT's Tech Champions as one of five companies in the Markets & Financial Services category. Nearly 300 submissions were received from FT readers, identifying European companies using technology to meet today’s business challenges.

Online auction houses are boosting the global appetite for art

The idea of digital in the world of art encompasses various types of art, including both more traditional forms such as fine art, antiques and artifacts, and newer contemporary mediums such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and collectibles.

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Why personalisation is the perfect ally for digital success

How can B2B auction marketplaces help your organisation scale?

7 Must-haves for intuitive and user-friendly interface auction platforms

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eBook cover NovaFori's top marketplace trends & opportunities for 2023

B2B Marketplace trends to watch in 2023 & beyond

Top marketplace trends & opportunities for 2023

Graphic of the growth of the derivates market

The evolution of the derivatives market

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the use of auction technology can increase liquidity in OTC derivatives.

Digitalising the derivates market illustration

The digital revolution of B2B marketplaces

The insights distilled in this eBook make it a must-read for leaders looking to harness the benefits of digital B2B marketplaces for their organisations.