Scaling Digital Marketplaces

Digital Marketplaces

We specialise in designing, building and operating highly scalable marketplace solutions. 

In 2021 sales on B2B marketplaces grew 130%. As markets evolve, it's key organisations innovate to stay ahead

We leverage our expertise in product management, business analysis, marketplace design, development, and data science to help build the platform that’s right for your business needs.

We build highly scalable and secure digital marketplaces

NovaFori's platform is built on scalable, secure cloud-based architecture, so that your technology can grow with your market.

Scalable marketplaces


Don’t let your solution hold you back when you grow. Our platform allows you to service a large number of customers without compromising performance.

Reliable marketplaces


Less downtime = More revenue.
Strict quality control processes and an exceptional support team ensure your marketplace is running smoothly.

Secure marketplaces


Adopt the latest tooling in Cyber-security including Security Scanning, Multi-factor Authentication, Intrusion Detection and Prevention, and much more.

Usable marketplaces


Technology doesn’t have to be complicated. We build solutions that users love. We focus on great design, ease of use and overall frictionless customer experiences.

We provide solutions to companies that are looking to scale up

NovaFori specialises in creating solutions for companies that have complex processes and operations or the need to operate at scale.

Marketplace Technology

We understand efficient and complex marketplaces, and adopt a collaborative and hands-on approach to building technology.

Auction Technology

By identifying the optimal auction or trading model for your market, we help you generate value for
marketplace participants.


Our Negotiations platform allows parties to manage complex negotiations that require agreement over specialised terms and involve multiple rounds.

Data Science

Understand what's happening in your market, predict future trends and optimise marketplace performance thanks to our machine learning capability.

Providing marketplace solutions across diverse industries worldwide

We work across multiple industries. We’ve seen over $12 billion Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) transacted through our platforms since 2011.


Automotive industry experice and expertise

Fine Art & Collectibles

Fine arts and collectibles NovaFori experience and expertise


Commodities NovaFori experience and expertise
Market-leading auction platform for IPv4 address trading.
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Hilco online platform on a table device
A global marketplace and exchange for voluntary carbon credits to drive environmental impact at scale.
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Climate Impact X marketplace platform on device
A highly reliable and extensive technology platform for the world's leading auction house.
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Christie's online platform built by NovaFori
A fully integrated global auction platform for CarNext's vehicle leasing.
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CarNext marketplace and online auction platform deployed by NovaFori
Rebalancing Lloyd's of London's reinsurance capacity with our auction expertise.
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Lloyd's of London online auction platform designed and deployed by NovaFori
Digital marketplace for maritime and supply chain management to match supply and demand electronically.
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maruFreight digital negociations platform on device
Any delay in taking part in the digital transformation of B2B sales is a lost opportunity. Early adoption is a clear path toward short-term advantages and long-term value.
Garry Jones CEO at NovaFori
Garry Jones – CEO, NovaFori
NovaFori white paper 'Trends to watch in 2023 & beyond'

B2B Marketplace trends to watch in 2023 & beyond

NovaFori white paper 'Trends to watch in 2023 & beyond'

The digital revolution of B2B marketplaces

NovaFori white paper 'Trends to watch in 2023 & beyond'

The digital transformation of B2B marketplaces - making the switch

Building world-class marketplaces

Marketplace technology to accelerate digital transformation

The power of data science in marketplaces