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B2B Marketplace trends to watch in 2023 & beyond

Top marketplace trends & opportunities for 2023
eBook cover NovaFori's top marketplace trends & opportunities for 2023
3 Trends Mapping the B2B marketplace landscape

3 Trends mapping the B2B marketplace landscape- Digital Marketplaces Are Booming

Unlocking the digital growth potential of your business

The role of digitalisation in the commodities industry

How digital technologies are changing commodity markets

Complexity does not have to preclude a market from digitisation. In fact, it makes it an ideal candidate.

Grapic of a city to illustrate business digitalisation

Optimising online marketplaces

Understanding the characteristics of marketplaces essential for creating value

Digitalising the derivates market illustration

The digital revolution of B2B marketplaces

The insights distilled in this eBook make it a must-read for leaders looking to harness the benefits of digital B2B marketplaces for their organisations.

NovaFori digital marketplace platform on device

The digital transformation of B2B marketplaces - making the switch

Digital technology is revolutionising B2B sales and marketing, and early digital adopters are significantly outpacing their competitors.

Digitalising the derivates market illustration

The auction model behind delivering a best-in-class dairy trading platform

This white paper elaborates the challenges faced with respect to creating a specific marketplace (in this case dairy) and offers an insight on the best steps to address them.

What can digital platforms do for carbon markets

Evolving commodities though technology platforms

Commodities are complex but trading them doesn't have to be.

Graphic of the growth of the derivates market

The evolution of the derivatives market

The purpose of this paper is to discuss how the use of auction technology can increase liquidity in OTC derivatives.