Data Science

Why is data important to marketplace optimisation?
Organisations should not downplay the role of data, by adopting a data-driven approach, businesses can take sales information and leverage it as a strategic asset, generating actionable commercial insights and unleash their true sales power.
Data science tools and solutions to optimise your marketplace

Products and services to scale your platform

Modern marketplaces need to keep up with their users and their needs.

Analytics dashboards

NovaFori Dashboards offer a complete suite of behavioural analytics and insights delivered via handy dashboards to provide actionable intelligence on what is happening inside your marketplace.

Actionable insights

Our Price Estimation Model (PEM) is an API service that uses machine learning to accurately predict the expected hammer price of a lot. This can then be used to judge marketplace performance.

New product innovation

Enhancing product development for optimal marketplace results. Autoprice is a revolutionary API that brings AI powered retail price predictions and a view of the competitive landscape for vehicles directly into your online B2B car auction.

Bespoke data science

We are always keen to work with customers who have bespoke requirements. Please get in touch to see how we can help solve your business problems.

Why choose NovaFori’s data science products?

Our marketplace experience, combined with a deep understanding of behavioural and transactional data, means we are best placed to provide you with the tools you need to build a successful data driven marketplace.

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Live margin estimates for car auctions

  • Better distribution of bids on your inventory

  • Less frustrated buyers

  • Encourage more visibility of your inventory

  • Sell more, faster

Optimising marketplaces using data science & machine learning

Machine learning (ML) enables us to understand what’s happening on your platform, predict future trends and performance, and provide insights for making strategic decisions.

Marketplaces are a source of enormous amounts of data, which is why we use machine learning to ensure your platform is continuously improving.
Alicja Kaminska, Behavioural Data Scientist at NovaFori
Alicja Kaminska – Behavioural Data Scientist, NovaFori

Learn how CarNext implemented data science to optimise their

A fully integrated global auction platform for CarNext's vehicle leasing.
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