Buy Now

Buy Now models enable instant purchases at fixed prices, securing the item instantly.

Understanding the Buy Now within a marketplace

In a Buy Now trading models, buyers experience a streamlined purchasing process with a single click at a fixed price, specifying quantity and paying the displayed unit price. At the same time, sellers benefit from optimised sales, reduced complexities, and faster order fulfilment, enhancing overall efficiency and convenience.

The process:

Step 1

Listing set up

The seller sets the fixed price and attributes of the item. The sales is then listed on the platform or marketplace.

Step 2

Buy Now

Buyers swiftly select and purchase items with a single click, streamlining the transaction. The marketplace updates inventory in real-time, ensuring accurate product availability.

Step 3

Effortless checkout

The platform streamlines the checkout process, allowing buyers to confirm orders, specify quantity, and choose payment methods with ease.

Step 4

Instant confirmation order

Upon confirmation, users receive immediate order confirmations, detailing their purchases.

Step 5

Listing closure

The sold item is swiftly removed from inventory, and the transaction triggers automated processes for seamless order fulfilment and delivery.

Why might you choose a Buy Now trading model for your marketplace?

Buy Now sales enhances user experience by providing a quick, streamlined purchasing process, reducing friction and promoting efficient transactions.

Reach a global audience

Test market quickly

Enable transparent price experience

Allows flexibility combining with other sales models

Clients where we have applied a Buy Now trading model:

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