Auction Directory

Auction and trading technology drives dynamic pricing environments, empowers B2B businesses to enhance their sales strategies, promoting effective price discovery.
Screen showing Buy Now auction on the NovaFori Platform

Buy Now

Buy Now models enable instant purchases at fixed prices, securing the item instantly.

Screen showing Capacity Auction on the NovaFori Platform

Capacity Auction

Capacity Auction enables supply to be balanced against demand while achieving the optimal price per unit.

Screen showing English Forward auction on the NovaFori Platform

English Forward

English Forward auctions create a transparent and competitive environment for price discovery.

Screen showing Scoring auction on the NovaFori Platform

Scoring Auction

In a Scoring Auction marketplace, bids are assessed based on predetermined criteria like price, quality, and delivery terms.

Screen showing Sealed bid auction on the NovaFori Platform

Sealed Bid

Sealed Bid Auction allows for private and discreet price discovery.

A solution for your industry

NovaFori provides auction technology solutions across diverse industries around the world. We adopt a collaborative hands-on approach, combining our auction expertise with your industry knowledge and business requirements to design the platform that's right for you.

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