NovaFori announces the appointment of Jessica Christenson as Vice President of Sales

NovaFori Announces The Appointment Of Jessica Christenson As Vice President Of Sales

NovaFori, a leading digital marketplace technology expert specialising in designing, building, and operating highly scalable marketplace solutions, has today announced the appointment of Jessica Christenson as its new Vice President and Head of Sales, and a member of the company’s Management Committee.

The company builds digital marketplaces improving the efficiency and transparency of markets, as well as being experts in auction technology, whilst overlaying platforms with Data Science. The company has successfully deployed its technology platforms across many industries - from auction houses and vehicle remarketing, to commodities, insurance, carbon credit trading, agriculture, and dairy markets.

Jessica was previously Regional Vice President at Mirakl, one of global leaders in the digital platform space, responsible for sales in the UK and Nordics.

Prior to Mirakl, Jessica held several senior roles in the Zalando group, including integrators Tradebyte and Anatwine as part of their successful platform marketplace strategy, where for 6 years she was responsible via various roles, for sales, retail network marketing, brand integration, and global customer success. She has considerable experience and expertise in all aspects of digital transformation and has a very strong public profile at all levels in the sector.

At NovaFori, Jessica will be responsible for expanding the growth of our sales strategy overall and driving the ‘go-to market’ business for the launch of our Novation platform, as the company accelerates its expansion by broadening the implementation of our SaaS platforms. NovaFori is considerably expanding all aspects of sales and marketing, including an upgraded social media presence and a more interactive website.

Jessica will report to Garry Jones (CEO) and will work closely with him and Phil Bird (Executive Director) in broadening the senior level network supporting digital transformation across many industries.

As part of our continued commitment to growing our business, we’ve also hired two additional sales executives: Abishek Malki (formerly at Optimizely) and Timothy McCarthy (formerly at hyperexponential) who will be joining Jessica in building out our expanded team.

Garry Jones, CEO of NovaFori added:

“I am very pleased to welcome Jessica to NovaFori at this very critical and exciting time for the company. She will work with our existing highly qualified team in accelerating the growth of our business whilst opening up new opportunities for the company. Her experience and track record will be invaluable.

Jessica Christenson commented:

“NovaFori have created unique digital solutions that are already solving complex problems for global businesses but can be applied to so many other verticals and industries where matching product availability with end customers at the right price is a challenge. I can’t wait to get this gamechanger on the radar of more global companies and executives worldwide and to transform NovaFori’s businesses and strategy.”

About NovaFori

We are a market-leading technology company based in London, with a decade of experience in combining business analysis, marketplace design, development, and data science. Our technology supports B2B and B2C clients in Europe, North America, and Asia, with over $12 billion GMV transacted through our platforms since inception.

Our auction and trading platform, powered by data science, is deployed across multiple industries, including commodities, financial services, logistics and procurement. The technology platform is flexible, scalable, and modular, designed with a B2C user experience and complex product attributes of the B2B world in mind. We leverage data by using machine learning algorithms to understand what's happening in the market, predict future trends and optimise marketplace performance.

NovaFori has seen a considerable acceleration of its business over the last 3 years and is currently raising new capital to accelerate its global footprint as a technology leader in digital transformation.

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