Auction Technology To Power Your Enterprise Marketplace

Auction Technology To Power Your Enterprise Marketplace

+10 Years of experience across multiple industries on building digital auction platform solutions for companies to scale

Unlocking the power of auction and trading technology

NovaFori's cutting-edge auction technology empowers your B2B marketplace with efficiency and innovation. Experience seamless transactions and dynamic pricing for growth.

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We're leading the wave of digital transformation

NovaFori provides marketplace solutions across diverse industries around the world. We adopt a collaborative and hands-on approach, combining our marketplace expertise with your industry knowledge and business requirements to design the platform that's right for you.

Auction technology is the gateway to global sucess

NovaFori presents a ground breaking solution that seamlessly blends auction and trading technology with the power of data science. Our modular platform solution equips businesses with the flexibility and agility required to thrive in an ever-changing business environment.

Next-Level auction technology for unparalleed efficiency

NovaFori introduces a revolutionary approach to auction technology. Our modular platform enhances your marketplace's efficiency, making transactions seamless and boosting customer engagement.

Maximise sales. Global expansion made samless

Open doors to limitless sales possibilities. NovaFori auction technology allows you to reach, discover and engage with users globally, amplifying your market presence, and facilitating trade at scale.

Witness the future of B2B marketplace efficiency

NovaFori's modular B2B marketplace platform transforms your business dynamics with advanced auction technology. Maximise efficiency, elevate your B2B marketplace and experience unmatched growth.

Discover the defining attributes that set our software apart:

Experience the transformational potential of data science with NovaFori. Elevate your B2B marketplace with advanced products and tools that empower strategic decision-making and fuel exponential growth.

Redefining auction dynamics: Christie's case study unveiled




Uplift on pre-sale expected estimates




Increase in online auction sales in 2021

Online is a very fruitful channel for new bidders and new clients to Christie’s. In general, we’ve seen prices achieved online that rival those of live auctions and, in many cases can be better than those in live auctions.