Evolving Digital Marketplaces

Evolving Digital Marketplaces

We match the right buyers, to the right products, at the right price

NovaFori modular solutions: Unleash the potential of your marketplace

Blending auction and trading technology with the power of data science. Our modular platform solution provides businesses with the flexibility and agility required to thrive in a dynamic business environment.

Dynamic pricing via auction models

Modular flexibility

Auction & trading technology

Data science products & tools

We're leading the wave of digital transformation

NovaFori provides marketplace solutions across diverse industries around the world. We adopt a collaborative and hands-on approach, combining our marketplace expertise with your industry knowledge and business requirements to design the platform that's right for you.

Enabling trade in B2B Marketplaces

NovaFori's solution combines auction and trading technology with data science to provide instant access to market trends, buyer behaviours, and competitive dynamics, enabling swift and strategic responses.

Auction Technology

Traditional B2B marketplace solutions are undergoing a transformation, and NovaFori stands at the forefront. Our modular solution marries auction and trading technology, creating a dynamic environment that fosters competition, transparency, and value.

Multiple auction types​
Creates competitive tension​
Handles high volume at​ peak bidding time​

Negotiations Technology

In the interconnected world of B2B transactions, seamless connectivity is essential. NovaFori's B2B marketplace platform creates an ecosystem where buyers and suppliers can connect, collaborate, and negotiate, fostering value-driven interactions.

Supports complex transactions​
Structured data unlike​ manual models ​
Creates competitive​ tension in the market ​
Replaces antiquated​ procurement systems

Sealed Tender Technology

Enable transparency in your auctions. NovaFori introduces cutting-edge sealed tender auction mechanism to transform the way to conduct auctions providing a transparent, efficient and secure space for buyers and sellers to engage achieving the optimal price per unit.

Seller centric​
Enables price discovery​
Balances supply & demand​
Ensures best price from buyer​

Unlocking business value with Data Science

Experience the transformational potential of data science with NovaFori. Elevate your B2B marketplace with advanced products and tools that empower strategic decision-making and fuel exponential growth.

Redefining auction dynamics: CarNext's case study unveiled




Total online auction sales between 2020-21




Increase in online auction sales in 2021

We know we get the best price – the highest price wins – and the process is a transparent one. In my view, electronic auctions are the way to go. They represent the future.