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The Women Achiever
Jessica Christenson: Reshaping Digital Transformation

Jessica Christenson, VP of Sales at NovaFori recognised as Top 10 Most Trailblazing Women in 2024 reshaping the future of digital transformation: ''A notable shift is observed towards the incorporation of auction and trading technology, introducing elements of price discovery and disrupting conventional verticals.''

The Tech Stack
The future of digital marketplaces with The Tech Stack

Join Techfellow's discussion with Danielle Downs, as we explore how she and NovaFori, have helped to shape and build revolutionary (and fully-integrated) digital marketplaces across diverse niches.Please find a link to Danielle's profile below here!

Showcasing innovative tech solutions for the digitisation of trade

TradeTech refers to the use of technology to digitise trade, making it more efficient, transparent, and secure. Innovative tech solutions for digitising trade rapidly evolve and transform how businesses buy and sell goods and services

Why are marketplaces essential to bring transparency to the VCM?

The size of the voluntary carbon market has already quadrupled since 2020, with over $2 billion in assets traded across 2022. Highly scalable infrastructure is needed to ensure that this space has capacity to growth further still, as is required.

SME Member of the Week: NovaFori

NovaFori is the first of January's SME Member of the Week. This month, techUK are focused on digital trade and are showcasing SME member's who have tapped into overseas export opportunities and taken advantage of the UK’s trading partnerships worldwide to successfully export their product or service in international markets.

Financial Times
NovaFori has been shortlisted for the FT's Tech Champions 2022 series

NovaFori has been shortlisted for the FT's Tech Champions as one of five companies in the Markets & Financial Services category. Nearly 300 submissions were received from FT readers, identifying European companies using technology to meet today’s business challenges.

Online auction houses are boosting the global appetite for art

The idea of digital in the world of art encompasses various types of art, including both more traditional forms such as fine art, antiques and artifacts, and newer contemporary mediums such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and collectibles.

Digital markets can ensure transparency in pricing and grading

The global energy sector has completely transformed with the emergence of innovations in renewable energy from multiple sources, yet the need for traditional fossil fuels has remained as national governments navigate their way towards decarbonisation and net-zero. But, despite the remarkable technological advances, there has been less transformation in the pricing and trading of such products in recent years.

Middle East leaders support carbon credit market

Global carbon markets expanded by 164 per cent in 2021 to $851bn, an upward trend that is likely to continue as countries and companies in the EU and Middle East look to reduce their emissions by as much as half by 2030. Given the time needed to find a long-term solution in the transition to net zero, prices are expected to rise for the foreseeable future.

CIX and others, including exchanges in the Middle East, are bringing transparency through verified sources and pricing, which will boost liquidity and confidence in the marketplace.

Digital B2B marketplaces are supporting the rise of alternative fuel cars

Normal business resumed in the first two months of 2022 as conventional cars retook their lead, but December’s sales figures are a taste of what is to come. In 2030, the sale of new diesel- and petrol-fuelled cars will no longer be permitted for sale in the UK, and the process of moving away from combustion engines is moving ahead. The rise in demand for electric vehicles (EVs) and AFVs exceeds that for petrol-fuelled cars, albeit from a lower base.
Marketplace technology is the answer to the US automotive sector disruption

There has been a proliferation of digital platforms in recent years. These provide more transparency about the vehicle, buyer and seller and provide services such as dealer support #software, vehicle appraisal tools, financing and inventory browsing and 360-tours of vehicles.  

Technology of the type developed by NovaFori, for instance, has already made a positive impact in Europe’s used-car market, boosting liquidity across borders and jurisdictions, such as with On the data science side, NovaFori deployed its recommendation engine to the CarNext B2B marketplace. As a result, professional traders now bid on a wide variety of CarNext cars in 24 languages, across multiple countries in Europe, on a 24-7-365 basis.'

John Lothian News
NovaFori's technology is transforming markets with data science

Garry Jones, the CEO of NovaFori, says the company is focused on digital transformation. He has spent most of his career working in the derivatives markets and applied technology, but now is creating auction platforms for clients such as Christie’s and overlaying them with data science.

He hopes to use that data science to boost revenues and optimize costs as well as to improve distribution. When a market that has been analogue becomes digital immediately, there is “an explosion of connectivity and clients that is just fantastic,” he said.

Garry Jones, NovaFori: “New technologies can work hand in hand with the traditional analogue business processes”

Technological advancements have not taken place evenly across all countries or even all markets. Financial markets, for instance, have long been the setting for new and innovative solutions such as digital transformation. Many traditional industries such as commodities and logistics are hesitant to introduce new technologies for fear of disruption. In our experience, new technologies can work hand in hand with the traditional analogue business processes, with both benefiting each other.

In addition, the investment needed to embrace these new solutions is now lower than before, with data storage so interconnected and data science growing more mature all the time. As these conditions are put in place across more markets, implementing new systems will be easier and more popular than ever.

Arabian Business
Transparency and scalability: Two keys to unlocking carbon markets’ potential

To achieve widespread adoption, new #marketplaces must address concerns about the sourcing and pricing of carbon credits and gear up for the surge in demand from organisations globally to meet their sustainability targets. A currently supply-driven market increases competitive pressures, and the importance of a transparent platform to drive distribution and scale.
How can organisations stay ahead of today’s evolving digital economy?

By continuously re-evaluating current reality in order to accelerate digital transformation journeys most proactively, organisations can stay ahead of the competitive environment. From a technology point of view, partnership breeds velocity and transformation acceleration across industries and verticals to ensure successful delivery. Paul MacGregor and Brittany Boles discuss the key drivers of digital transformation

Distortions to UK used-car market can be addressed with marketplace rethink

Supply chain bottlenecks and a sharp rise in fuel prices distorted the market fundamentals behind the highly unusual state of the second-hand market. While there are no overnight fixes to current market conditions, digital B2B marketplaces offer a means to bring transparency, liquidity and efficiency to the second-hand automotive market in which the pressure of high demand for EVs and AFVs will remain a factor for the foreseeable future.

Logistics Voices
How democratising the purchase of commodities can solve the mismatch of supply and demand and ESG struggles in the commodity value chain today

Accessibility is key to solving for market gaps. The commodities market in particular holds great opportunity for enhancement as a result of digitalisation, with intermediaries encouraging accessibility in markets and widening to a global level instead of sustaining traditional verticals. Read here for the benefits of democratising the purchase of commodities, and the infrastructure that is resistant to future crises.

UK News Group
How online marketplaces can help bring NFT adoption into the mainstream

Online marketplaces are a conduit for NFT adoption and distribution. The market for NFTs is growing, and as long as NFTs continue to innovate and push the boundaries of traditional art and trade, they will become an important part of our ecosystem. By revolutionising traditional means of selling, the acceleration of digital transformation has further uncovered the power of digital infrastructure. As more businesses adapt to digital marketplace technology, an exciting variety of possibilities will open up for global trade.

UK News Group
NovaFori appoints new Head of Digital Transformation Rodrigo Diaz

Former Shell Strategy Lead joins NovaFori as Head of Digital Transformation, heading up innovation, consultative sales and partnership development.

IBS intelligence
Digital B2B marketplaces can help tackle supply chain squeeze in commodities sector

How can a digitised supply chain drive a carbon-zero future ahead?

In the post-pandemic environment, the commodities sector may retain some of its traditional characteristics, but it will also have changed for good with increased digitalisation.

As the world eyes the prospect of ‘building back greener’ with net-zero emissions targets, digitising the multi-billion-dollar commodity value chain has a part to play, and marketplace technology is a driving force behind industrial transformation. New markets will be created, and existing markets will be enhanced. Inevitably, there will be disruption, accompanied by opportunities for those who embrace change.

Global Banking & Finance Review
B2B digital marketplace trends for 2022

Among B2B organisations, there is a growing desire to work with valuable partner ecosystems. Digital marketplaces play such a role across both the supply chain and value chain for businesses, bringing transparency, liquidity and efficiency to a world of transactions. Read more here on our expectations for 2022.

IBS intelligence
Online auction platforms, NFTs and the art market

Online auction platforms have accelerated the digital migration of the art market. Whilst this may seem unsurprising amid the headlines of NFTs taking the art world by storm, it is all the more interesting that online auctions have driven continued robust distribution of physical art.

Looking ahead, in the uncertain post-pandemic context, leveraging technology capable of delivering robust buyer and auctioneer experiences will be critical, and not just in the art world.

Business Leader
Digital marketplaces disrupt, transform and create markets to drive new business

Global markets have been buoyed by adopting digital strategies amidst pandemic pressures, specifically contributing to the growth in scalable, cross-border B2B marketplaces.

Industries ranging from automotive to fine art and ESG have all leveraged online marketplace technology, offering enriched buyer and seller experiences that drive their markets into the next era of digital transformation. Learn about the benefits realised as a result, and how technology is leading the way.

The FinTech Times
The convergence of digital and physical art – auction platforms in the art market

Technology is becoming the catalyst to the future of the art world.

Driven by onlinplatforms and the explosive rise of NFTs, the art market has seen a rapid migration into th realm.Online auctions are boosting the distribution of physical art  a new era of fine art and collectibles by uniting physical and digital elements in a symbiotic ecosystem that benefits both collectors and those who facilitate their sale.Buyers are becoming increasingly interested in crossing the waters between art forms, allowing their preferences to evolve with the times. So what will mark the continued convergence of the physical and digital worlds? The platforms that facilitate online sales.

Pandemic exposed company value chain flaws

As the world eyes the prospect of ‘building back greener’, digitising the multi-billion-dollar commodity value chain clearly has a part to play.

CEO Garry Jones discusses flaws exposed in the value chain as a result of the pandemic. Read here about the implications for the commodities industry, and how B2B markets widen distribution networks, ensure competition, liquidity and enable price discovery.

Enterprise Times
Transparency and integrity critical for carbon trading market

NovaFori's technology will significantly enhance the transparency, integrity and quality of carbon credits. Transforming the market by improving trust, driving scale and providing depth in carbon credit pricing to facilitate market liquidity. All with the aim of delivering far more tangible, substantial and lasting environmental impact.

By providing a marketplace with standardised, tradable products and contracts, CIX will increase liquidity and the scale of transactions. With that, the quality of credits will increase and the integrity of the market will be ensured.

Financial IT
Maintaining transparency in the carbon trading market

NovaFori will support CIX to deliver a new global carbon exchange, an online marketplace. The platform will use online marketplace technology and provide global access in the purchase of trusted carbon credits.

Meet Garry Jones, CEO at B2B Marketplace Tech Leader: NovaFori

From NFTs to carbon credits, NovaFori is at the forefront of new markets.

As a result of acceleration of businesses and markets’ over the past years, there has been an increasing need to transition analogue processes to digital processes, increasing global distribution and access, driving revenues and optimising costs.

Learn how NovaFori has supported the growing need for online technology in the fine arts market and beyond.

Fund Selector Asia
NovaFori backs Singapore carbon exchange online marketplace

London-based B2B marketplace specialist NovaFori has announced a partnership with CIX to build an online marketplace for corporate buyers to purchase trusted carbon credits.

Wealth & Society
NovaFori to provide online marketplace technology for Climate Impact X (CIX), scaling the carbon market to tackle global climate change

London-based B2B marketplace specialist NovaFori has been selected as the technology partner for Climate Impact X to provide global access in the purchase of trusted carbon credits. The partnership is in line with NovaFori’s commitment to provide marketplace technology to develop new digital markets and tackle climate change. The platform will integrate NovaFori’s proven marketplace technology with transparent environmental impact, risk, and pricing data from market leading partners in the carbon credit space.

NovaFori to provide online marketplace technology for Climate Impact X (CIX), scaling the carbon market to tackle global climate change

NovaFori announces that it has been appointed as a technology partner by Climate Impact X (CIX), a global carbon exchange and marketplace to be established by DBS, SGX, Standard Chartered and Temasek.

IDG Connect
CIO Spotlight: Interview with John Lee, CIO at NovaFori

Does the conventional CIO role include responsibilities it should not hold? “It is vitally important that the CIO can contribute to and fully support the business strategy.”

Evening Standard
Former London Metal Exchange boss Garry Jones talks corporate vs tech startup life

The former chief executive of the London Metal Exchange now heads up the newly re-branded NovaFori - a tech startup offering a digital marketplace for clients including Christie's.

Perfect Channel rebrands as 'NovaFori'

Perfect Channel Limited has today announced a new name for the company and a rebrand to reflect their ambition and commitment to developing new digital markets. Following 41% revenue growth in 2020 and a strong pipeline of new business, the company’s momentum is accelerating, while the name change reflects its commercial mission.

Best Startup
London’s Best Marketplace Companies – To Work For and Buy From

Based on innovation and growth strategy, NovaFori has been selected as a top pick for the best London based Marketplace companies. Our marketplaces are intelligent, using auction and trading technology to lead the transformation from analogue to digital platforms, powered by data science.

Marketing Gazette
Using auction technology to improve your brand marketing

Paul MacGregor, Head of Sales and Marketing, explains how auctions create a complex and emotional engagement, and how brands can leverage this.

Information age
What is the market opportunity for NFTs?

Phil Bird, Executive Director, explores the market opportunity for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including the use cases that could occur.

The rise of boring: Why investors have become so enamoured with the dull and mundane

If the past 30 years have shown us anything, it’s that with the start of a new decade comes the start of a new era of technology. Personal computing enabled the web and the web empowered mobile computing. The ubiquity of devices and the swathes of data they create fuelled cloud computing, and as we move through 2021, we’re entering the next era of deep tech.

City am
DEBATE: Are NFTs going to change the art world?

Garry Jones' position on the impact of in the art world and what the 'boom' means for greater accessibility, following our facilitation of the Beeple sale for Christie's.

Tech Talks
Why building a forward looking data strategy is as much about knowing where you've been‪.‬

Today we're chatting to Phil Bird, Founder and Executive Director of Perfect Channel. Perfect Channel creates intelligent, enterprise-level auction and trading technology solutions, responsible for $11 billion in GMV transacted on their platforms since inception. We're exploring how the market is evolving, and the challenges their customers are describing.

The hidden procurement challenges behind the global vaccine rollout

In the battle against the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, countries across the world have launched some of their biggest mass-vaccination programmes, seeking to provide their citizens with protection from the virus as soon as possible.

"Against the Tide" with Anthony Gahan
"Against the Tide" with Anthony Gahan - Perfect Channel: B2B Marketplace adoption accelerating

Garry Jones was a guest on Anthony Gahan's "Against the Tide" podcast, discussing Perfect Channel's auction and trading technology with an overlay of data science, that help drive revenues, reduce costs and extend distribution.

How to apply data science practically in your business

Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning – all 21st Century “buzzwords”, but what do they really mean?

Headspring Executive
Digital Transformation and Financial Services: The Lessons, the Challenges and the Future

Last year saw a massive acceleration in the impact of digital transformation, one significant consequence of the global pandemic on the working environment.

NovaFori appoints John Lee as new CIO as part of 2021 growth strategy

Lee has previously held roles as CIO at PayPoint PLC, Director of Systems Development at NYSE Euronext Market Solutions, and Group CTO at the London Metal Exchange.

The MJ
Pandemic procurement failings and how technology can help

Garry Jones discusses ways the government can leverage new technology to optimise its procurement processes.

The Commentator
Pandemic procurement failings and how technology can help

With the UK government suffering procurement problems during the Covid-19 pandemic, how can technology help the supply chain and ensure responsible, efficient sourcing?

Information Age
The hidden procurement hurdles between us and successful UK vaccination

Garry Jones, CEO of Perfect Channel, discusses the hidden procurement hurdles that must be cleared for UK vaccination to be truly successful, and how digital technologies can help.

Open Access Government
Could tech help the UK Government solve pandemic procurement issues?

Garry Jones, CEO of Perfect Channel, discusses the UK’s pandemic procurement issues.

NovaFori Announces The Appointment Of Jessica Christenson As Vice President Of Sales

NovaFori, a leading digital marketplace technology expert specialising in designing, building, and operating highly scalable marketplace solutions, has today announced the appointment of Jessica Christenson as its new Vice President of Sales, and a member of the company’s Management Committee.

Tech in Ten
Unlocking the Power of Behavioural Data

NovaFori x Tech in Ten. Discover how NovaFori leveraged this innovative technology to deliver tangible business results and stay ahead of the competition.