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We can deploy the following solutions individually or together in a hybrid model depending on your business needs.

Marketplace technology

Marketplace technology

Our eCommerce marketplace technology enables you to manage sellers and dynamic product catalogs, monitor quality and performance, and scale your marketplace operations to maintain the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

B2C experience
Custom integrations
Cloud based
Flexible UI design

Auction technology

We have every aspect of running an auction covered. From understanding auction theory, to testing the market, and implementing your ideal trading model to unlock the maximum value for all parties.

Global reach
Multiple trading mechanins
Price discovery
Increased efficiency
Auction technology
Negotiations module


Whether you are a seller managing multiple offers, or a procurement function managing multiple suppliers, we help you manage negotiations in real-time on as many product attributes as needed and at scale.

Valuable insights
Increased visibility

Data science products

Our marketplace experience, combined with a deep understanding of behavioural and transactional data, means we are best placed to provide you with the tools you need to build a successful data-driven marketplace.

Custom integrations
Analytics dashboards
Actionable insights
New product innovation
Data science products