White paper

How digital technologies are changing commodity markets

Complexity does not have to preclude a market from digitisation. In fact, it makes it an ideal candidate.

The commodity trading industry has grown upward over the past five years. While all industries go through multiyear cycles of peaks and troughs, the industry's prospects look excellent for the years ahead. The purpose of this paper is to discuss the use of auction & trading technology to facilitate and digitise transactions of complex commodities between multiple buyers and sellers.

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As digital forces continue to disrupt and transform the commodities trading space, market participants have ever-increasing access to a plethora of data as well as the digital tools and analytics platforms needed to interpret and use this data.

Key topics covered:

  • The complexity of commodities markets
  • The role of technology in commodities markets
  • Complexity: A barrier to transparency
  • Digitisation mitigates the issue
  • Case study: Capacity auction platform success