White paper

Narrowing the Gap: Luxury Brands & the Potential of Online Auctions

The gap in the luxury brands industry: Are luxury retailers missing an opportunity by not investing in auction tech to sell second-hand items online?

The luxury retail sector, known for its excess and exclusivity, stands at a crossroads in the digital age. With consumer preferences shifting towards the singular and sustainable, and away from mass produced fast fashion, a significant opportunity arises in the luxury resale market. This white paper explores whether luxury retailers are bypassing a lucrative avenue by not capitalising on auction platforms to facilitate the online sale of second-hand items.  

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Learn how the surge in demand for second-hand luxury items, coupled with the rise of auction platforms, presents a compelling case for luxury brands to embrace these platforms as a means to augment sales, increase transactional price, and foster trust.

Key topics covered:

  • The Ever-Evolving Landscape of Luxury Retail 
  • The Resale Ascendency
  • The Auction Platform Advantage 
  • The Correct Time to Embrace The New Horizon Beckons: Embrace or Delay? 
  • Final Thoughts