White paper

The auction model behind delivering a best-in-class dairy trading platform

This white paper elaborates the challenges faced with respect to creating a specific marketplace (in this case dairy) and offers an insight on the best steps to address them.

There is not a commodities business in the world that doesn’t worry about whether it’s getting the optimal price for its products. The high-volume businesses who deal in homogenous commodities with stable supply routes can rely on traditional broker-led trading to arrive at the best pricing. But what about the other half of the commodities sector where products trade in smaller, more volatile, differentiated segments and for whom an irregular supply chain is a fact of life?

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About the challenges faced with respect to creating a specific marketplace. The digital landscape, shows there is no prescriptive model, and certainly no ‘one size fits all’ solution that can be applied to all commodity markets.

Key topics covered:

  • The digital landscape in the commodities industry
  • Common challenges of in the commodities industry
  • Digital marketplace to provide transparency