Carbon Markets

Cutting-edge auction platforms designed for the dynamic needs of carbon markets, where every bid drives positive environmental impact.
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Building digital auction platforms to scale your business: Understanding carbon markets

We build highly reliable and scalable marketplace and auction software to conduct multiple and simultaneous online auctions, providing both sellers and buyers with a transparent and efficient mechanism to transact their carbon offsetting projects.

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Challenges / Opportunities

Verification and credibility

Ensuring the legitimacy of carbon offset projects.Lack of standardised and globally accepted methodologies for verification.

Auction and trading technology for transparency

This technology enhance transparency by providing a secure and unalterable record of transactions and project details.

Market liquidity and qauality variability

The market can face oversupply, leading to a decrease in the value of carbon offsets. Quality variations in projects can make it challenging for buyers to assess the environmental impact accurately

Standardisation through technology

Developing and implementing standardised digital protocols can streamline the verification process, making it more consistent across projects.

Lack of transparency

Inadequate transparency in project details and the carbon offset process can hinder trust among stakeholders.

Digital marketplaces for efficiency

Online platforms and marketplaces can facilitate more efficient and transparent trading, reducing transaction costs and improving market liquidity.

Building digital auction platforms to scale your business

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We understand automotive auctioneers, given our proven track record of building enterprise-scale auction and trading platforms.

Our digital marketplace and auction solution has already made a positive impact in Europe's used-car market, boosting liquidity across borders and jurisdictions, such as with CarNext. On the data science side, NovaFori deployed its recommendation engine to the CarNext B2B marketplace.

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NovaFori is an important technology partner, providing expertise on marketplace design and technology. Uniting buyers and sellers on CIX’s world-class platform of trusted carbon credits will drive demand and optimise supply, paving the way for an effective scaling of the voluntary carbon market.
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Providing marketplace solutions across diverse industries worldwide

We work with multiple industries. We’ve seen over $12 billion Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) transacted through our platforms since 2011.

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