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The Convergence of Digital and Physical Art – Auction Platforms in the Art Market.
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NovaFori empowers the fine art & collectibles industry to embrace digital change

We build highly reliable and scalable marketplaces to conduct multiple and simultaneous online transactions of art, antiquities and collectibles on a global scale.

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In 2021, Christie's achieved a 43% increase in online auction sales, totalling $445M

Christie's achieved increased auction sales

Our digital auction solution has helped clients such as Christie’s achieve the highest total sales in the last five years, a record year for private sales, and has maintained the leading position for the best online art auction platform.

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Online is a very fruitful channel for new bidders and new clients to Christie’s. In general we’ve seen prices achieved online that rival those of live auctions and in many cases can be better than those in live auctions.
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Providing marketplace solutions across diverse industries worldwide

We work with multiple industries. We’ve seen over $11 billion Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) transacted through our platforms since 2011.


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