Harnessing auction and trading technology to facilitate trades in the finance industry, improving market access and transparency in the process.
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NovaFori empowers financial institutions to embrace digital change

We build highly reliable and scalable marketplace trading solution, to enable participants to agree digital RFQs in a frictionless way and execute these trades with a Financial Institution digitally.

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Challenges / Opportunities

Market inefficiencies and lack of transparency

Marketplaces in the finance industry may suffer from inefficiencies, such as lack of liquidity, price manipulation, and information asymmetry.

Online Auction Platforms:

Implementing online auction platforms can increase market transparency and efficiency, allowing buyers and sellers to interact in real-time and discover fair prices.

High transaction costs

Traditional finance transactions often involve high fees and commissions, reducing profitability for investors and increasing costs for participants.

Smart contracts for secure transactions

Using digital platforms  can automate and enforce transparent transactions in fixed priced marketplaces, reducing the risk of disputes and ensuring compliance with regulations.

Lack of innovation

Traditional finance fixed priced marketplaces may lack innovation and technological advancements, limiting the adoption of new trading strategies and tools.

Education and training programs

Offering education and training programs to investors on market dynamics, trading strategies, and risk management techniques can empower them to navigate trade marketplaces more effectively.

Limited market access

Small investors and participants may face barriers to accessing fixed priced marketplaces, such as minimum investment requirements and accreditation criteria.

Adopting collaborative partnerships and alliances

Forming strategic partnerships and alliances with fintech companies and regulatory bodies can foster innovation and drive improvements in digital marketplaces. chain optimisation technologies, such as data science and predictive analytics, can reduce inefficiencies in this industry.

European repo trading platform for the financial services market.

We're tranforming auctions with CarNext

We understand financial auctioneers, given our proven track record of building enterprise-scale auction and trading platforms.

We built the EuroNext Collateral Trading Platform (the 'Monitor'), which was part of their "Collateral Transformation" initiative known as Chequers. A disruptive new technology, the 'Monitor' harnessed the ground-breaking NovaFori negotiation engine to enable participants to agree digital RFQs in a frictionless way and execute these trades with a Financial Institution.

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Harnessing NovaFori's negotiation engine to enable participants to agree digital RFQs and execute these trades with a financial institution.
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We work with multiple industries. We’ve seen over $12 billion Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) transacted through our platforms since 2011.

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