About Us

We are on a mission to accelerate the digital revolution of marketplaces. We believe we can change the way the world trades.

Our story

We are a cutting-edge technology company with a decade of experience in combining product management, business analysis, marketplace design, development, and data science. Based in London and Malaga, with 80+ employees, we support clients from all over the world, including Christie's, CarNext, Lloyd's of London, Hilco IPv4 Global, and Global Dairy Trade.

Our name comes from the latin words of "nova" and "fori", which represents our commitment to developing new digital markets.

Our brand identity is based on our mountain themed logo, which symbolises the expedition we undertake with our clients.
In this context they are the explorers, climbing towards their business success, and we are the guides, with them every step of the way, making their journey achievable. We are not just the “muscle” behind any expedition - carrying extra gear – we are also expert navigators.

Our technology supports B2B and B2C clients in Europe, North America and Asia, with over $11 billion GMV transacted through our platforms since inception.

We are committed to agility and encourage continuous improvement in all aspects of our business. We are using cutting-edge technology to disrupt multibillion-pound industries, from commodities to logistics.
When we embark on a journey with a new client we are dedicated to complete our expedition successfully, and our focus is to help our valued customers to avoid any avalanches and reach their desired summit.
Being a company on an exponential growth trajectory, transparency and on-going information flow are essential to tackle challenges in a timely manner. We don’t just communicate effectively internally, we include our clients and stakeholders in every important decision.
We are a data-centric organization, which means we value data and leverage it for impactful decision-making. We are passionate about exploring and discovering the magic of data science and always have an open mind to discover uncharted territories.


Company founded
Christies logo
Deployed Christie's online
auction platform
CarNext logo
CarNext's auction platforms go live
Lloyds logo
Lloyd’s of London's auction platforms go live
Deployed North American cattle trading platform
Global Dairy Trade's
auction platform goes live
Built European repo trading platform
Built a digital marketplace for the maritime and supply chain management industry
IPv4 Global logo
Hilco IPv4 auction platform  live
Built OTC trading platform for hedging swaps and options for the energy derivatives industry
Christies logo
Christie's Private Auctions & Celebrity Charity Auctions go live
Garry Jones joins as CEO
Company rebrand to reflect acceleration of the business

Executive Team

Garry Jones
Chief Executive Officer
Phil Bird
Executive Director
Martin Botha
John Lee
Chief Information Officer
Georgina McVeigh
Chief of Staff
Paul MacGregor
Head of Sales and Marketing
Joaquin Vega
Managing Director - Spain

Client Engagement, Sales & Marketing

Mark Sweeting
Head of Client and Product Engagement
Henrietta Tamás-Szóra
Sales & Marketing Executive
Brittany Boles
Sales & Marketing Officer


Raziq York
Solutions Manager
Christian Cardone
Chief Data Scientist
Francisco Arjona
Talent Manager / Agile Coach
Nicolas Amador
Solutions Architect
Alvaro Jimenez
Scrum Master
Manuel López
Delivery Solutions Manager


Mike Pearce
Head of Delivery
Elissa Wood
Programme Manager
Danielle Downs
Senior Product Owner
Florin Jipa
Senior Product Owner