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NovaFori empowers the telecommunications industry to embrace digital change

We build highly reliable and scalable marketplace and auction software to conduct multiple and simultaneous online auctions, providing both sellers and buyers with a transparent and efficient mechanism to transact digitally.

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Challenges / Opportunities

Market inefficiencies and lack of transparency

The pool of available IPv4 addresses is finite, leading to scarcity as demand continues to rise with the proliferation of internet-connected devices.

Online auction and trading platforms for transparency

Implementing online auction platforms can create a more transparent and efficient marketplace for IPv4 addresses, allowing buyers and sellers to interact in real-time and      discover fair prices.

Price volatility and inefficient allocation

Prices for IPv4 addresses can fluctuate due to changing market conditions, speculative trading, and regulatory developments.

Smart contracts for secure transactions and data science

Using digital platforms can automate and enforce transparent transactions in auction marketplaces, reducing the risk of disputes and ensuring the validity of address transfers. This can leverage data which can provide price trends and dynamics based on users behaviour.

Lack of standardisation

There is a lack of standardisation in pricing methodologies and transaction processes for IPv4 addresses, hindering market efficiency and fairness.

Mobile trading platforms

Developing mobile trading apps can increase accessibility to fixed priced marketplaces for organisations of all sizes, enabling them to participate more actively in acquiring IPv4 addresses.

Risks of fraud and regulatory uncertainty

The lack of transparency and oversight in the IPv4 address market can expose buyers to the risk of fraudulent transactions or purchasing addresses with invalid or      conflicting registrations.

Quality certification systems and regulatory compliance tools

Providing tools and resources      to help market participants navigate regulatory requirements and ensure compliance      with transfer policies and procedures.

Building digital auction platforms to scale your business

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We understand telecommunication auctioneers, given our proven track record of building enterprise-scale auction and trading platforms.

In 2018, Hilco Streambank partnered with NovaFori to provide the technology behind their digital IPv4 Marketplace, migrating from their previous provider.

Secure and auditable, the market offered a constant supply of IPv4 blocks and pricing data, whilst automating key pre and post-sale processes to reduce the elapsed time of IPv4 transfers.

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We were looking for a technology partner who could combine an agile approach to delivery, a modern technology stack, and a deep understanding of trading and resolution mechanisms. NovaFori delivered on all three fronts.
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